A Christmas Reflection: The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree

One of my favorite childhood memories is reflecting on Christmas at our little country church. In my mind I can still see the snow falling in big fluffy flakes as we walked into the church for our annual Christmas program.

It was always on Christmas Eve and there was so much excitement in the air! I loved that old country church. It was the traditional white church you see in pictures with stained glass windows and big cathedral front doors. Of course it had a belfry with a bell and steeple on top.

It was only about a mile from our farm and my family attended faithfully. But it was the Christmas program that has always been one of my fondest memories. As we walked into the church that night with the yard light reflecting on the snow gathering on the side walk I felt like I was seeing a little piece of heaven!

When we stepped inside and looked up to the front there was the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree I had ever seen!

I know it was twelve feet high and 6 foot wide!

Well it seemed like it to this little girl! It was just a cedar tree that one of the farmers had cut from their pasture but with the lights and icicles it was beautiful! (I blame my love for a big, real cedar Christmas tree on this tree from years ago!)  Best of all it had presents under it for all the children which would be handed out after the program.

Each Sunday school class recited their pieces they had learned and then…..yes we heard sleigh bells and a jolly “ho ho ho” as Santa came down the aisle with his big red bag filled with sacks of hard candy and peanuts.  As a child I thought Santa sounded a lot like one of the neighbors but then it just couldn’t be….!

Since then I grew up and had a family of my own but Christmas is still my favorite time of year and my childhood memories has much to do with that! I love my many reflections I have of the old country church of my childhood but I realize now it isn’t about the big tree with shiny icicles or the neighbor in the Santa suit but it is about Jesus.

He is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

May this advent season be one you can reflect on with good memories of years past but never stop reflecting on Jesus and all He has done for you!  God sent His Son into the world many years ago as a baby born in a stable so that we could be born again to new life.  

Christmas seems to be a time of reflection in so many ways. I hope you can reflect on his goodness and love for you this Christmas season!

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