Seeking God in the Small Moments: An Interview with Emily Freeman (Part 2)

In Emily Freeman's new release, Simply Tuesday, she encourages readers to see the beauty in ordinary days.

Vyrso blog contributor, Katie Monsma was privileged to interview Emily about her new release and how she celebrates, remembers, and seeks God in those small, ordinary moments…

In Simply Tuesday you encourage readers to enjoy the small moments of life. What have you found most enjoyable about reveling in the small moments of life? 

It’s funny, I think I’ve actually learned that a lot of small moments aren’t enjoyable. I think it’s true that real life is made up of the small moments, but they aren’t all beautiful. [Click to Tweet!] Sometimes they are frustrating, boring, maddening, even. But the beauty comes in realizing how Jesus often hangs out on the other side of ordinary, and he invites us to keep company with him in all the small moments, both the lovely and the messy ones.

Has celebrating the small everyday moments changed your approach to life? What are some main ways you have seen it affect you? 

I would like to think so. One main way I’ve seen it affect me is in my work. I’ve discovered it’s impossible to celebrate my smallness while also comparing myself to someone else. If I’m comparing my work with someone else’s then the temptation is to try to make myself bigger than them, hindering my ability to connect with them or anyone for that matter. I’ve started to pay attention to when that desire to compete rises up in me and to choose smallness instead. It’s humbling, sometimes embarrassing. But it’s a more grounded place for me personally. It’s in that place where I experience Christ most intimately.

Why do you think it’s easier to find God in the hard moments than it is to find Him in life’s small, ordinary moments? 

For me it’s in the hard moments when I’m pulled out of my routine. I’m out of my element, in a way, and it’s so obvious I can’t control the outcome. Faith seems like my only choice. But in the everyday, regular moments, I can hold on to the illusion of control mainly because I think I know what to expect. The challenge for me is to remain aware of my need for Christ in all of my moments, not just the hard ones. [Click to Tweet!]

What is one way that you daily remind yourself of the small-​moments in life and how to appreciate them? 

Sometimes I’ll make a simple list of the little things that are filling the days during that particular season – shows we’re watching, activities we’re involved in, conversations I’ve recently had. I do this in my regular notebook where I keep my to-​do lists for that day. It’s simple, but it keeps me present to what is happening within and around me at any particular time.

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