Every Believer Is Called to Study: An Interview with Beth Moore

Beth Moore is a 30-​year veteran of teaching the Bible. Recently Moore sat down with our own Bible Study Magazine to share about her love for scripture:

“I taught Sunday school for 23 years straight and loved it so much. Boy, I cut my teeth in Bible study there with being forced to prepare week after week. The fun thing about teaching in an ongoing setting is exploring the depth and breadth of the Bible. Circumstances arise in your students’ lives — job trouble or something else — that provide an opportunity to discover so much about God’s Word.”

Despite her experience and years of study, she doesn’t feel the need to simplify her messages. Generally, the demographics of a study group or conference will include women who are just setting out on their Bible study journey as well as women who have been studying for decades. “I’m just a normal woman, with normal life experience. So if something really jumps off the page at me while I’m reading the Bible, I can be sure it will resonate with my audience as well. Often I’ll make a deal with the group, and say, ‘If you stick with me on this really technical segment for 15 minutes, I promise it’s going to bring us in a direction everyone in the room can understand.’ That’s what I pray for throughout the whole preparation and outlining process.”

Moore’s career has brought her into contact with countless people who are becoming passionate about the Bible. “I believe that in the last 50 years of Christian history, laypeople — not just leaders and teachers and speakers — have a hunger and thirst to know Scripture. And we have got to be equipped to meet that hunger. We’ve got to know God’s Word. Second Timothy 3 says what the Word will do for us: It’s there for our equipping, so that we may be capable of every good work.”

“When I get a chance to speak specifically with young women, I tell them that with a minimum understanding of Scripture, you can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But you cannot be equipped in your calling unless you have an ongoing relationship with God and his Word. You cannot be a disciple of God and sidestep his Word. Every believer is called to study the Bible. And no matter what our ministry area is — whether we minister to single moms, the poor, students, senior adults — whatever we are called to, we are equipped through the Scriptures.”

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