The Greatest Love Story

Dear Babbie,

I love you.
Do you love me?
Yes or no?
Circle one.

In a number two lead pencil, he signed his name,


I don’t remember how I responded to Billy’s proposition to be his third-​grade sweetheart. But I do remember how it made me feel. I felt preferred and uniquely chosen knowing that someone in that classroom thought I was special. I recall even now how I felt knowing that someone loved me (even though it was only a third-​grade crush) and thought enough of me to risk it all to tell me so.

The Bible is God’s love letter to you. From cover to cover He’s calling out your name on every page. From the table of contents all the way back to the maps in the back of the Bible, God has charted your life’s course, answered the questions you are too afraid to voice, and specifically designed all your hopes and dreams. From “In the beginning God” to “Behold, I am coming soon,” God wants to write His endless love story on the tablets of your heart. From the first hallelujah to the last amen, God is singing your victory song. Each page is engraved with His invitation to come and be refreshed by His goodness and favor. Every promise is signed with His precious blood, sealed with His perfect love, and delivered as if it were an arrow aimed straight for the target. This great love story is filled with action, passion, intrigue, war, peace, and romance. After all, it is The Greatest Story Ever Told of how the God of the universe came to Earth to pursue and win the desire of His heart — you!

Remember, you are the object of His deep, sweet affections. It was for you Jesus came into the world and laid His life on the line. It was for you He was crucified, died, and was buried. It was for you He rose again from the grave, slaying evil, conquering death, sin, and Hell. And it is for you He will come again to take you away with Him. And yes . . . you will live happily ever after.

So the next time you hear the words, “God loves you,” don’t just say, “Isn’t that nice” and then walk away unaffected to live beneath your privilege. As of this very moment, endeavor to live as one who knows that every promise in the Book belongs to you. Live like you know you are loved by a great big God Who is concerned and involved in every intricate detail of your life. Turn that fundamental truth over and over in your mind, then let it sink to the very depths of your soul. When you make it a practice to rehearse this powerful promise, that you are forever embraced by the God of creation, you will begin to discover what too many people even fail to notice. God not only loves the whole world. God loves you.

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An award-​​winning singer, songwriter, teacher and TV talk show host, Babbie Mason shows no signs of stopping. Taking the message of God’s love to an audience of women has led Babbie to author the brand new book: Embraced by God: Celebrating […]

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  1. Sharon Mpofu says

    Awesome love the father has given.

  2. Theresa Beswick McLeid says

    This was so eye opening & awesome to when you made me think about it this way. Praise the Lord.

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