Logos 6 Is Here: Biblical Insight Awaits

We’ve just released Logos 6 — the most powerful Bible software on the planet. Take your Bible study to the next level: get Logos 6 now.

More than 20 years ago, we revolutionized Bible study with Logos Bible Software. Since then, we've created a huge family of tools for the church — tools that don't exist elsewhere. With Logos 6, you'll get the resources you need to find biblical answers fast, study Scripture in context, explore Greek and Hebrew, visualize the biblical world, and share your findings in engaging ways.

But you don't have to take our word for it:

“It’s visual. It’s pictures, it’s maps. It’s like the Bible coming alive in front of you on your screen. . . I like books, but when you realize that this is all right here at your fingertips, it’s incredible.”  —Liz Curtis Higgs

“It makes the study that I do so much easier, and so much more in-​depth. . . Those study helps, particularly in the languages, are very helpful for me.” —Elyse Fitzpatrick

“Anyone who wants to study God’s Word should have Logos. Dive in instantly, because it’s life-​changing.” —Hayley DiMarco

Let me show you a few of my favorite new features in Logos 6:

1. Factbook: in-​depth studies on any person, place, or thing in the Bible

Understand biblical people, places, events, and concepts in less time: Factbook is your one-​stop shop for biblical information. In seconds, search over 20,000 Factbook pages that offer textual and visual resources on famous theologians, books of the Bible, ancient places, and more.


This new tool functions like an encyclopedia, pulling together all of your datasets, resources, Interactive Media, and Media Collections, then presenting powerful overviews of each topic that serve as gateways to new discoveries. For example, search “Tabernacle” in the Factbook, and get a list of media, key verses, lemmas, senses, dictionary links, and topic suggestions for deeper study.

2. Visual Copy: elegant, share-​worthy images in seconds

Share your insights and craft stunning presentations while you study. No more opening multiple programs and windows — Visual Copy streamlines your workflow so you can create beautiful slides, images, and quotes within the software.


Simply right click any text selection or infographic, and convert it into an elegant slide in seconds. Share your slides online, or send them straight to your PowerPoint or Proclaim presentation. Logos 6 comes loaded with beautiful Verse of the Day art created by Logos designers, rich infographics, premade templates with quotes from your favorite authors, and much more. Choose from premade artwork, or customize your slides to suit your taste.

3. Psalms Explorer: insightful resources for Psalms

Logos 6 introduces the revolutionary Psalms Explorer — Interactive Media that helps you visually understand and sort the Psalms by genre, topic, theme, and more.

Take a look at the Psalms Explorer:


You can instantly sort and view the Psalms by form, structure, and more. The size of each Psalm in the browser corresponds to its size in the text. Genres are distinguished by color, so when you select an author like David, at a glance, you can see that a vast majority of the Psalms he wrote are laments. The Psalms Explorer helps you see connections and deliver insight in exciting new ways. Logos 6′s new Interactive Media creates a Bible study experience unlike anything in existence.

These are just a few of Logos 6's amazing new features! Multiply those “aha” moments in your Bible study: get Logos 6 now.

* * *

If you got Logos 5 in the last 6 months, we’ve got a unique, limited-​time-​upgrade deal just for you. Call our sales team at 888 – 875-​9491 to see what we’ve got for you.

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