Ticked, Annoyed, Angry?

I woke up feeling fine. But my mood didn’t last long. Stewing over a situation I couldn’t change, I felt engulfed by negative emotions — I was ticked off, annoyed, and angry.  Grumpily telling my husband how irritated I was at the situation, he responded, “Well, it’s like you always say. Relationships matter most. Get over it. Let it go.”

He was right. But how was I supposed to just let it go?

I headed to the only place I know that can calm my mood and change my perspective.  A time-​out with God.

I grabbed my journal and began prayerfully scribbling questions. “Lord, what’s behind my annoyance?  Why am I so frustrated? Is there something You want me to see about myself that this   unexpected situation triggered?”

Sure enough.  The Holy Spirit surfaced something I hadn’t seen before.  There was a reason I was ticked off and angry. And it was an ego issue. “I” was at the root of my annoyance. My husband was right.  I needed to get over the issue and let it go — but first I needed to repent and ask God to cleanse and fill me with His Spirit.

Turning to one of my favorite older devotionals, Springs in the Desert, I marveled once again at God’s power to lead me to exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Not only did He show me the root of my rotten mood, He also revealed the solution.  Here’s what I read in old English:

“Oh, the Spirit-​filled life; is it thine, is it thine?

Is your soul wholly filled with the Spirit Divine?

As a child of the King, has He fallen on thee?

Does He reign in your soul so that all men may see

The dear Savior’s blest image reflected in thee?”

Instead of getting ticked off, annoyed or angry at His less-​than-​perfect child, I’m grateful God keeps patiently pruning my unruly emotions. His goal is our transformation into the likeness of Jesus, (Romans 8:29).  And being willing to let go of negative feelings is part of that work which God promises to carry on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

How about you?  Are you ticked, annoyed, or angry about something? How does the Lord encourage you? What helps you let go?  

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