Creating Quiet Time

My husband and I left right after church on Sunday and drove to Northern California to rest and re-​group. While life and ministry have been wonderful, they’ve also been demanding and we know ourselves well enough that we need to pull away for a rest. But, on the way, I found myself creating a to do list! I know … a bit obsessive-​compulsive. It’s just that ministry can feel pretty demanding and I don’t want to fall behind. Yet, God calls me to come with Him, by myself, to a quiet place, and get some rest. (Mark 6:31)

As I meditate on the words of Jesus, I realize renewal doesn’t just fall down from the clouds. It takes intentional responding to Jesus’ invitation. It means creating the sacred space to be alone with God and enjoy Him in an unhurried fashion.

Finding total stillness

That’s where the rub comes doesn’t it? We might be good at creating the space to have a personal quiet time. But are we creating the space to enjoy God in unhurried fashion? Do we luxuriate in God’s presence? Are we able to lean into Him in absolute rest and stillness? Sigh.

As I look at my hurried life, I can hear the whisper of Christ, inviting me to come and rest in Him. I can hear Him inviting me to let go of the clutter and clamor of my ever racing mind, and the stress and strain of my never-​ending to-​do list. If I am going to be refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually, I need renewal. The question is how will I respond to Christ’s invitation?

What about you? Take a few minutes and read Mark 6:31 out loud, slowly. Imagine Jesus, inviting you personally, “Come with me, by yourself, to a quiet place and get some rest.” How will you respond?

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If you could have a day completely to yourself, with no pressure or demands, how would you spend it?

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  1. Charissa Steyn says:

    Beautiful Reminder! I think the Lord is speaking to me on this topic of quiet, as I've read alot about it in the past couple days/​weeks!

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