It Really is Finished

As a mom, there is never a night that I go to bed with my work done. I have yet to lay my head down on my pillow at the end of the day and say “My work here is finished.” I may have a quitting time each evening but what is left undone stays undone until the following day where it takes its place back on my never-​ending list. My job has no beginning and no end as I remain on call twenty-​four hours a day, whether I’d like to be or not. And as I'm sure you know, there are very few restful moments while raising young children.

While as moms we may never truly be finished with our ongoing chores and care for our children we can however rest in the fact that “It is finished” was meant for us just as much as anyone else. These three extraordinary words were not referring to the end of Christ’s suffering on the cross but rather to His completion of the law on our behalf. It was His final and most important command to our busy hearts, “It is finished. Stop trying to earn your way and rest in what I have done.

Day after day the priests of the Old Testament offered up sacrifices for the sins of their people. The priests were never able to sit down (can you relate?), never able to rest because their work was never finished. Because of the fall the world was in an endless cycle of sin and sacrifice. But then God sent us The Great High Priest. The only priest (Christ Jesus) that was able to offer up one full and final sacrifice that would atone for all of the sin of the world would be the only priest whose work was finally finished and was able to “sit down” at the right hand of God. “So then the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.” Mark 16:19

While I can’t lie my head down on my pillow at night knowing that each job on my list for the day was checked off, I can still utter the words, “It is finished” and rejoice in His finished work for me. I can revel in His goodness knowing that although I will start the next day with more dishes, laundry and homework, I will also start the day with a spiritual list that reads “DONE.” So it is through Christ that we are able to “sit down” and rest in the work that has been done for us.

We can stop the feverish work of trying to live up to self-​imposed standards to make ourselves worthy, it is finished. Believe it and rest!


Excerpt from Kimm's new book, Christ in the Chaos.

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A mother of four and an avid sinner, Kimm Crandall is never short on examples of how God has flooded her with the excessive grace that the gospel brings. Kimm’s desire is to bring the much-​​needed Gospel to other women […]

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