4 Ingredients for a Thriving Marriage

A thriving marriage requires a few fine ingredients all of which need to be intentionally added by both the husband and the wife. These significant ingredients are part of what make a marriage great:

1. Intentional Intimacy—Intimacy includes any form of close connection leading to a husband and wife knowing each other deeper. Physical touch, conversations, and prayer are just some ways a couple can pursue intimacy in marriage.

2. Intentional Communication—It is vital to a marriage that the husband and wife talk to each other daily, or at least as much as possible! (Some couples are hindered by their jobs or other commitments that they cannot communicate daily, which is ok.) Communication involves talking as well as listening. Also, it is important to be aware of tone and body language when communicating!

3. Intentional Love—This is a given, as Christ commands us to above all love! For a great series defining love, specifically in marriage, please check out my “What Is Love? Series.”

4. Intentional Respect—Showing respect to one another is of utmost value to marriage! It is a basic need that God designed people with. There are many ways to show respect in marriage, but one of the best ways is by using your words to tell your spouse that you do and share a few reasons why!

These four ingredients will have a huge impact on your marriage. Be intentional about investing into your marriage in these ways and you will experience growth and closeness.

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Jennifer Smith is a young wife determined to disband the popular lie that women are alone in their struggles.  She believes that the power of transparency in testimonies feeds people’s hopes and starves their fears.  Her passion for missions, writing, and […]

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