5 Words Every Wife Should Know

Faithlife is currently hosting a book group with best-​selling authors and relationship experts Pam and Bill Farrel. To better connect the book group with the authors, we sat down and interviewed the authors. One of the most interesting questions we asked Pam was: what are the top five words every wife should know and why? Here’s what she told us!

SEX—Meet this need your husband will just be happier

HONORRespect goes a long way in a man’s heart

FUN—Your man married you because he liked spending time with you

FIDELITY—Keeping your vows is a two way street

MAN CARD—Give him guy time with his dad, his sons, and his male friends

Next we asked: What are a few ways couples can keep the Bible central to their relationship?

Bill and I see Bible study like one wonderful adventure! Anytime we learn something about Biblical history, context, or a word study, we run and share it with the other! We also encourage couples to do the simple basics so they can feel successful with the Bible:

  1. Attend a Bible teaching church together weekly.
  2. Be involved in a Bible study group together.
  3. Have a 5 minute time in the Word, like we are encouraging through our devotional, “A Couple’s Journey with God” with the Faithlife book group.

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1. Red-​Hot Monogamy: Making Your Marriage Sizzle

With their trademark insight, humor, and candid personal perspectives, Bill and Pam Farrel reveal the truths about the sexual relationship in marriage and what husbands and wives need to know to keep the embers burning.

  • Sex is like fireworks! — why a little skill turns marriage into red-​hot monogamy
  • How sex works best emotionally, physically, and physiologically
  • How to avoid the pleasure thieves that steal your chance for fulfillment

 2. 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband: How to Put a Smile on His Face

With humor and creativity Pam Farrel delivers humor and wisdom in her fun woman-​to-​woman style through inspirational stories, godly advice, and easy-​to-​read offerings that include:

  • Wow assignments: simple ways to support, love, and encourage husbands
  • Wow wisdom: Bible verses and wisdom to help women cover their spouse with prayer
  • Wow dates: creative ideas for everything from shared meals to weekend getaways

 3. 10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex

Every parent wants to help their children make wise choices. Now Bill and Pam Farrel, bring their trademark humor and characteristic wisdom to one of the scariest topics of all: teaching kids about sex.

  • Lay a foundation for healthy conversation
  • Clearly articulate God’s view of sex
  • Protect their children by giving them the right information at the appropriate time

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Want more from Pam and Bill Farrel? Checkout the Vyrso blog for more blog posts by the Farrels or join the Faithlife book group!

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Tayler is a follower of Christ, a young wife, Managing Editor for Faithlife Women, and co-​​founder of Nitty Gritty Love. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, Kyle, and Mini Aussie, Oakley.

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