Twelve Smooth Stones

What do you like to read?

Are you tired of the same old boy-​meets-​girl scenario, where their meeting is ruinous, and you spend the rest of your time reading about what you already knew would happen? I did, so I wrote Twelve Smooth Stones. For Christians who are attempting to live a holy life, many books that do have a great story line are also filled with foul language and intimate scenes with too much information.

My purpose for writing books is fourfold:

  1. To give the Christian world a good read — a plot that twists and turns to a surprise ending.
  2. To keep it clean, so that a sanctified reader wouldn’t need to worry about what he or she might read on the next page.
  3. As a lover of history, I chose to write a historical fiction, so that my readers would not only be safely entertained, but would learn to appreciate others’ real-​life struggles as well.
  4. I wanted to write about genuine Biblical salvation: what it looks like and how the struggle unfolds into the best decision a person can make.

It’s quite the responsibly creating characters and directing their steps. This task has given me a greater love and respect for our awesome Creator. It was difficult for me to allow a character to make wrong choices, especially when those choices directed their steps to everlasting death. What must God think or feel when His creation, because of his God-​given free will, chooses a destructive path? I know it broke my heart; it must break His heart too.

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After graduating with a music education degree, Wanda MacAvoy never entertained any ideas of becoming a pastor’s wife or a writer. But her biblical insight coupled with a vivid imagination has helped her write both a woman’s devotional on Esther as well as this historical […]

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  1. Wanda, I cannot wait to read your book! I just have to get it!

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