Spiritual Friends

Find a spiritual friend!

Have you ever wished you could sit down and talk with a mature Christian who would listen and pray for you? Are you willing to share what is on your mind and heart, knowing everything will be kept in confidence? If so, begin praying for God’s encourager to come into your life.

As a professional spiritual director, supportive friend, and companion, it’s a privilege to listen to women's struggles with relationships, self-​image issues, and confusion about God’s expectations, among other things. Helping women in their spiritual journey through sharing Scripture, pointing to Christ's presence, and giving hope, transforms these times into holy moments.

What qualities should you watch for in someone you might approach?

  • A woman who not only loves the Lord but is actively seeking to grow herself
  • A woman who has faith and confidence that God is alive and wants to lead and bless you
  • A woman who keeps confidences and is supportive, as well as straight-​forward when needed!

How do you find this person?

  • Look at women in your church — observe their involvement and attitudes. Would their personality and yours mesh?
  • Ask your women's pastor or leader for a mentor — being specific about what you are looking for
  • Ask women leaders you know if they could suggest someone for you to contact

Be understanding if some women cannot add one more commitment to their lives at this time — don’t take it personally! This process can take time, but persevere in praying for discernment and direction.

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