Lord, Flip this House

Do you live in a house that needs remodeling or redecorating? Does it seem dark and dingy? Are there projects you long to do — maybe knocking down a wall and letting the sunlight in? Or getting rid of dated, depressing colors and ugly furniture?

With spring in the air — at least in my fantasies—I was overwhelmed with the need to bring some colorful and pretty things into my home. It didn’t require a lot of time or money, but the results were exciting.

My heart sings when I look at what a difference it has made to “flip” my family room from boring to beautiful.

But what makes my heart sing even more is when God transforms not just my physical house, but the house where He dwells. But how does this happen?

3 Steps to a more beautiful “house”:

1. Review:   Begin by asking God to show you what needs to go from your life.  Is some habit or attitude blocking His presence, or closing you off from Him?  Is your focus on what you don’t like about your life, or a person in it?  Is grumbling and discontent robbing you of joy and peace? (Ps. 139: 23 – 24).  Listen to His voice.

 2. Remove: What needs throwing out? It might be something you’ve held on to that no longer belongs to who you are in Christ. What deceitful desires, dreams, fantasies need to be put off and out of your life? (Eph. 4:22 – 32). Listen to His voice.

 3. Replace: Change the dark, hidden areas where you sometimes sit and stew, and pray, “O God, shed your bright, healing light into these places where I too often live. I want to be filled with Your sparkling, joyful beauty. Transform my inner house” (Rom. 8:28). Listen to His voice.

What ugly familiar thoughts, words, and attitudes are you living with? Will you make a list and present it to the Lord?

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