Ruthlessly Eliminating Hurry

“Come with me by yourselves

to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Mark 6:33b

Years ago, during a particularly busy season of ministry, my husband, Steve, had the opportunity to meet with Leighton Ford, Billy Graham’s brother-​in-​law.

Steve was seeking some spiritual counsel. He posed the question, “In your opinion, what is the key to spiritual growth?” Leighton answered “ruthlessly eliminate hurry.” At first I felt that was a strange answer. But, after some thought, it made sense. Steve and I are both passionate about changing the world for Jesus Christ. However, at times, we have become so busy in ministry that it was as if “Frantic and Frazzled” were on a mission to change the world! As we became serious about ruthlessly eliminating hurry, we began to experience the presence of God in far deeper ways — and our ministries actually became more impactful.

Ruthlessly eliminating hurry was not just Leighton’s idea. It was God’s.

Think about it. Do you ever remember Jesus instructing His disciples to, “hurry up!”? On the contrary, Jesus invited His disciples to come with Him, by themselves, to a quiet place and get some rest. Unless we eliminate hurrying, we cannot quiet our souls to hear the voice of God. Unless we slow down our schedules, we will not be able to create the space to get alone with God. We need moments to pause, reflect, and refresh our souls. Only then can we experience and enjoy the presence of God and the hope He gives.

Our society is addicted to hurry. What if you made it your goal this year to ruthlessly eliminate hurry? What if you created the space to be still and savor His presence? I think you might find your hope flourishing and your faith soaring. Your unhurried pace would give you a testimony of peace in a world that is rushing full tilt ahead. And, I’m guessing you would actually accomplish more because your strength would come from the Lord.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  1. Spend a few moments evaluating your pace of life. Is it sustainable? If not, what changes do you need to make?
  2. Why do you think we easily become addicted to hurry?
  3. How might carving out time to be still in God’s presence each day refresh you?

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  1. Shannon Payne says

    I think I'm addicted to hurry, if that's possible. My momentum is spurred by rushing, here and there, fussing with people to keep up with my mad pace. The truthy is I hate to rush and was so happy that we chose a place to call home that embraces a much slower pace that I am used to. So if I am anti-​rush and live in an environment that pursues slow, why do I still feel like a last minute kind of person?

  2. Thanks, Becky! Have tried to practice "ruthlessly eliminating hurry" in recent years, and still working on it. "Be still and know…" also one of my current themes. So counter to our culture, but so in line with Him. Blessings!

  3. One of my new favorite quotes came from the gas attendant at Costco. I was super busy and in a rush and he told me to slow down and "prioritize peace". If that became my number one on my to do list, I would have a better day!

  4. Rita Kroon says

    Becky, what a positively refreshing way to focus on slowing the pace! I especially like the advice: "spend a few moments evaluating your pace of life. Is it sustainable? If not, what changes do you need to make?" I am a hurry-​er and definitely will measure my speed against sustainability for effective living! Thanks!

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