Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Growing in God’s Word

Around 62% of adults will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the US, and many are looking for creative ways to do so. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by digging into the Word to see what it has to say about love!

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day by studying love with Faithlife’s predefined reading plan.

Over the course of 21 days, you’ll read about how love is described, how we should love others, and how vast God’s love for us is. Take your Bible study deeper with:

Here’s how to join the reading plan, in-​​app:

  1. Open the Faithlife Study Bible app
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) in the Daily Readings section
  3. Select Bible Reading Plan, and then New Reading Plan
  4. Pick whether you want a private reading plan or a group reading plan
    1. If you choose a group plan, choose the group you want to read with
    2. Choose the “21 Days on Love” reading plan
    3. And that’s it — you’re ready to read!

Or start your own Faithlife group and reading plan today.

1. Take this opportunity to start a Faithlife Group.

2. Invite those closest to you.

3. Add the predefined reading plan “21 Days on Love.”

Go to Faithlife​.com and start your group today! Make sure you download your free copy of the Faithlife Study Bible and take your Bible reading with you wherever you are!

Tayler Lindsey

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Tayler is a devoted follower of Christ, a newlywed, and the women’s product manager for Logos Bible Software. She absolutely loves her job, and feels blessed to be able to work with the Faithlife Women contributors on such an incredible blog.

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