Step into God’s Word with Faithlife Tours

You’re the heart of your family and community.

Your husband, kids, and community group are always coming to you for spiritual guidance. You’ve been spending time in the Word, but it feels like something is missing from your Bible study. We know that you want to be closer to God and his Word, and we’re excited to bring you the newest way to study the Bible.

Seeing it come alive.

Now, you can explore the sites you’ve been reading about with a visit to Israel. With Faithlife Tours, you can do more than read about the life of Jesus — you can stand where it happened. Our tours are integrated with the Faithlife Study Bible, ensuring that every step you take is fully rooted in Scripture.

On your tour, you’ll visit biblical places such as:

  • The birthplace of Jesus
  • The site where Peter proclaimed the Good News
  • The pool where Jesus healed the paralytic
  • The tomb where Jesus was buried and resurrected

To celebrate the launch of Faithlife Tours, we’re giving away a tour of Israel for you and a loved one. Enter our giveaway for your chance to stand where Christ stood. Don’t want to risk your preferred dates filling up? Book your tour and enter anyway! If you win, you’ll get a full refund, and you’ll win a Nexus 7 tablet preloaded with the Faithlife Study Bible and the Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible to help you study the sites as you visit them.

Enter today! The stories haven’t changed, but you’ll never be the same.

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Tayler is a follower of Christ, a young wife, Managing Editor for Faithlife Women, and co-​​founder of Nitty Gritty Love. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, Kyle, and Mini Aussie, Oakley.

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