God’s Living Letters

I received a letter the other day.

Oh, it didn’t have a stamp in the right-​hand corner or even a return address sticker. But I knew exactly where it came from and there was no doubt who had sent it. The letter was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with brown shoulder length hair, and she was sent by God. The postmark was evident.

In the Bible, Paul described Christians as living letters known and read by everybody, not written with ink, but with the Sprit of God on human hearts (2 Corinthians 3:3 NIV). God has sent many love letters my way…hand delivered, special delivery, postage paid. Admittedly, some of the letters seem to have gotten marred in transit and I suspect a few of the words were not quite what the Author intended. But they were letters none the less.

God did not write His letters on fragile sheets of paper or on tablets of stone.

He wrote His letters on human hearts for all the world to read. There are some letters that I’ve received and wanted to mark RETURN TO SENDER across the top. I didn’t want the letter and honestly, I wasn’t sure where it came from. It couldn’t possibly be from God. The words were harsh and I suspected they were counterfeit. Not really from God at all…even though the letter said they were.

Then there are other letters I have received that were so beautifully scripted that I take them out and read them over and over again. They are treasures that I hold dear. I read them often, clutch them to my heart, and even place a kiss upon the seal from time to time. These are my favorite letters. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the return address is always evident, even if it has faded with years or rubbed off with wear.  I love these letters. God has sent me so many over the years.

Dear friend, here is a daunting thought. You are a letter. I am a letter. God has written His message on our hearts and mailed us out to the world. People read His letters in our actions. They read His letters in our words.

What will they read in your letter today? Will they welcome the words like a soldier hungry for news from home, or view it a junk mail to be tossed in the trash. Will they dread the words like a bill that needs to be paid, or will they see it as God intended… a love letter wooing them to Christ.

What’s the best letter that you ever received?

Did you save it?

What will your letter say today?

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  1. My letter might say I am completely lost if you let me open up and tell you how I feel but from the outside you might see different. I might even deliver a message to comfort you.

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