An Interview with Lisa Chan

Faithlife Women  blogger Tayler Beede sat down with upcoming Defined by God speaker Lisa Chan to talk about challenges women face.

Tayler Beede: For Christian women today, what is the biggest challenge in being still and finding time with God?

Lisa Chan: The challenge is that we’re kind of overstimulated. We just have so much going on, so many options, so many quick fixes, so we’re the hamster in the wheel going round and round and round and the challenge is: when should we stop. We’re losing our desire to be still because our phones, the internet, and everything’s just on us all the time, and there’s all this immediate access to media. I think we’ve lost our way a little bit and forgotten that quieting ourselves and being still is the first and most important step in our life and walk with God.

TB: Do you have any advice to women who are trying to figure out when to shut down the computer, put their phone away, and be still?

LC: Everyone’s life is so unique and different, and circumstances are always different for everyone, so I always hesitate in trying to make someone fit into a certain mold. I just know that you need to be still. That means sitting down and looking at your schedule and figuring out the things you need to accomplish. For example: knowing it looks like you always have Saturday mornings free, so you’re going to go to the park and sit with the Lord an hour or two, and during the week you’re going to listen to the Bible on tape in the car.

If you’re a mom with four little kids at home, it’s maybe not until the kids are all tucked into bed at night and you’re exhausted that you choose to say, “You know what, instead of turning on that TV, which is what I want to do ’cuz I just want to do some mindless thing, I’m gonna choose to believe that God has something for me, and that this going to be better, and so I’m going to sit and read and take that time to pray.” Sometimes we have to train ourselves to do the things that are best for us — the things that we don’t actually feel in the moment. We always have ways to make time for what we want to do. So we just have to believe that this is what’s best and make a way.

TB: Do you have any practical ways to bring God more into your home and family?

LC: I think the exciting thing that the Lord has been connecting with me is that our time with God and what he teaches us in his Word and what we’re reading — it isn’t just for us. Instead, we take what God has shown us, convicted us of, and then we have these conversations with other people, and God blesses them, and now we’re encouraging someone else — spurring our friends on to love and good deeds, like the Bible says.

The other day, my daughter and I were having this great conversation about our tongues and kindness and how we can be so quick to be angry, and I was like, “It’s just what I was reading in this verse,” and she was like, “This verse, I was just reading it too!,” and we were both so excited — like, wow, God was convicting us both of this verse in 1 Timothy, and we were both sharing it and getting excited. God has worked out these lessons for us, and he’s waiting to teach us everything, give us everything. We need to live a godly life — not only for us, but for others. That’s what discipleship is. That’s women teaching younger women, mothers teaching children, friends evangelizing to other friends. We’re all part of God’s works.

TB: It’s crazy how things like that always seem to come together perfectly.

LC: Yeah. It’s a full-​circle thing. For a long time, in my Christian walk, I didn’t think outside myself. I mean, we’re all naturally pretty self-​centered, but I didn’t realize, even in my walk with God, that I was so self centered. Well, it’s all just me and God. But it isn’t. You have so much to offer other people, but unless you are growing and knowing God, and reading his Word, you are missing out on the ability to bless others and be this vehicle that God uses to bless and encourage others.

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