Bedtime Battles

Bedtime used to be very difficult for our youngest daughter.

She seemed to have a lot of fears, and she had a hard time sleeping. I remember going through this as a child. It’s scary sometimes when you start to realize the world is not full of sweet, well-​meaning people who love you and would never want to harm you.

This world has some not-​so-​nice people, and some pretty horrific things happen, and, of course, the media focuses mainly on those bad things. Between house breakins, murders, bad weather, and fires, her little mind would be completely attacked at night as her imagination ignited her deepest fears. No matter how hard we tried to shield her, something always seemed to get through, and she would focus on the fear until it became almost unbearable.

Do you have a little one who has fears like this? Or maybe it’s you — maybe you yourself struggle with a wild and vivid imagination and have thoughts you wish would go away as you try to get some rest? As I told Peyton last night, the truth of God’s Word will always win out against these fears.

Fears are, as we all know, False Evidence Appearing Real. But God’s Word is truth — our weapon against bad thoughts that try to invade our minds. Paul reminds us to renew our minds in Romans 12. That means we need to continually remind ourselves of God’s truth by reading, reciting, memorizing, and meditating on His Word. If not, the lies and fears of the world will have full access to our minds — the very place the battle begins.

If you or someone you love struggles with this, here is a list of Scriptures I gave Peyton. I know there are plenty more, but these are the ones we used with Peyton. If you have access to recording on your computer, you could even record your own soothing voice to play in your child’s room while he or she drifts off to sleep. Our God is powerful!

Have your child (or you) read these out loud in the room. Know that God will do a mighty work in your child’s mind as He transforms your child’s thoughts and your child rests in the truth of His love:

Psalm 4:8
Psalm 5:11 – 12
Psalm 23:1 – 6
Psalm 34:3 – 7
Psalm 37:3 – 9
Psalm 91:1 – 16
Philippians 4:6 – 9

Sweet dreams! And may the place where the battle begins be the place it ends — in Jesus’ name.

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