Living under the Pain of Your Problems

I was spinning. My thoughts moved from calm to chaos in a moment’s notice.

Circumstances make it easy to live in doubt, worry, and fear. I know that living in worry is the opposite of living in faith. Still, as painful as worry can be, it is familiar. Trusting God with all outcomes . . . not so much. Faith is easier spoken than practiced.

One day, while making my morning loop of errands, a verse kept popping up in my head. When I got home, I looked it up. “Everything that does not come from faith is sin.” (Romans 14:23)

While reading the verse, I could easily see what God was trying to say to me. My worry over my current circumstance was not faith — so it was sin. There were no loopholes! When I didn’t trust God with my details, I was missing the mark. My spinning, a default habit when in crisis, was actually saying to God, “I really don’t believe you, and I don’t put my faith in you when things don’t go my way.” I had to admit, I was skilled at living buried beneath my problems! I hated to admit that I wasn’t skilled at trusting God.

Harsh? It could seem so. None of us likes to be corrected! We like warm fuzzy comfort when we are hurting. But God’s word was actually comforting. He was teaching me to trust in His love in everyday situations. Because worry was more natural, I had a big learning curve.

Learning to Live under the Promise of His Love

When spinning in frustration, worry, or fear — STOP. Address the current situation in prayer. When we’re stuck in a negative pattern, we must ask God to forgive us our sin of distrust before we can move on. Coming to Him with our fears and concerns delights Him. He wants to calm our hearts, helping us understand the reality of His love for us. His love is practical in nature. He comforts, provides, guides, upholds, and strengthens His people.

What are you going through today that is causing you anxiety, fear, or worry?

Can you see how worrying is the opposite of trusting in God’s care for you?

Is God big enough for your details?

Our Heavenly Father knows what we need and when we need it. When we don’t trust Him, we’re not only hurting ourselves emotionally with all the unnecessary worry, but we’re hurting ourselves spiritually by living in unconfessed sin. God desires to unclog our spiritual arteries so that peace can flow through us every single day.

Lord, forgive us for all the times we doubt you. Forgive us for not remembering that you are always working in our lives. Help us to look up today and to put our trust in you. Thank you for your love. Amen.

About Debbie Alsdorf

Debbie Alsdorf is a popular author and speaker and the founder of Design4Living Ministries. Her life’s work is to strengthen women to stay true to the faith — to encourage them to live in the life-​​changing reality of God’s Word in their everyday […]

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  1. Julie Krombein says

    Thank you for sharing Debbie Alsdorf! Another timely word from the Lord through you… <3

  2. Thanks for the awesome reminder to keep my focus on my creator!

  3. Tanya Glanzman says


  4. your message was so perfect for me today — I have been struggling with the end of a relationship and have been heart broken and not trusting GOD. Your message helped me to realize that I am not only hurting myself emotionally, but spiritually…I need to rest in Him and trust Him — your words blessed me so much. Thank you Debbie Alsdorf.

  5. Voni Malone Ribera says

    Thank you so much! This is just what I needed today!

  6. Thank you for directing us to God's word for our answers!

  7. I graduated in May with a Masters degree. I have been applying for jobs since the December before graduation — and still nothing. Nothing! The despair some days is so bad I could crawl out of my skin.
    I have prayed and fasted and cried and prayed. To say I worry would be an understatement. Two people in a house with no job and one unemployment check that just covers rent is rough. This situation has broken me and wrecked me in ways I never would have thought unemployment could touch.

    I say all of that to say, God's Word is truth and life. I have days where I cling to it like air and days where I doubt everything around me. I yearn to do what is right in the eyes of my Father. Thank you for the reminder, that what is right is trust. Period.

    • Debbie Alsdorf says

      Lee, I was moved when reading your post. I want you to know I am praying for you. Times like yours, are a true testing of our faith. We can never understand all our circumstances, but we can believe that God is bigger then them. Still, in the place you are at it's easy to doubt. I am praying for grace in your situation today. For, God to truly lift your head continually…in the meantime…as you wait on Him. Bless you!

    • thanks Debbie! We will take all of the prayer we can get! We have been blessed with beautiful and gracious family and friends — but we have good days and bad days — and though I don't at all understand — I know my God is in control, and you're right — He is bigger than it all!

  8. Debbie Sindelir St John says

    Thank you Debbie. A great reminder.

  9. Love your message — thanks for keeping me on track!

  10. Everything I'm reading or studying has this same theme.…I know God is at work. Thanks for this great reminder of His authority & faithfulness.

  11. Awesome!

  12. So true! Thanks for the reminder…today, and EVERY day!

  13. Karen Jensen says

    Need these beautiful words today and every day.

  14. Deb, I appreciate the way you are so real and when you explain things about God, it's easy to understand and then I get it.

  15. It is just what I needed to be reminded of today! Thanks so much.

  16. Thank you for this truth Debbie! I needed to be reminded of this very thing today! xoxo

  17. Meagan Callahan says

    Love this deb! I need to be reminded of this daily!

  18. Maridee Payton Gammons says

    Thank you Debbie for always having a heart for God and sharing with us. Your words were very encouraging.

  19. Ashley Alsdorf Jones says

    Thank you for this inspiring word!

  20. Lynette Jones Murphy says

    God's timing is PERFECT! I was planning on reading this blog this morning vs last night and now I know why… All morning long I have listened to Josh and Daniel argue back and forth. Having both of them on the autism spectrum brings communication to a whole different level. My awareness, attention, stress, worry and fear spike when arguments occur. By the end of the summer all three boys are pretty tired of hanging out with each other and find the smallest things to criticize and find fault with one another.

    There are many times during their arguing I want to whip out my bible and share Christ words with them. Doing this would only bring a negative and unjust response to an already rough and trying situation. It gets to be VERY hard to handle these situations in LOVE, TRUTH, and KINDNESS. There is no other way I should handle this situation.

    By trusting in God's goodness my actions, emotions and the way I handle situations demonstrate and show God's word to all three of my boys. Having my bible bag with me anywhere I go and or scripture on notecards is a teaching tool for them and a MUST for me.

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for reminding me just how important it is for me to TRUST because I AM teaching my boys about Jesus and His amazing love as I go about my days and nights. There is nothing more important to me then them knowing to turn to God and trusting in him.

    I REALLY needed this PEACE today Debbie Alsdorf! XOXOXOXO

  21. Sue Cunningham Boldt says

    Such a wonderfully written message of truth! Who wants to live in worry or anxiety? He is able and He is more than enough. Thank you for pointing the way from sin…(calling it like it really is! Isn't the Word somethin'?)…to the boundless and love beyond reason of Jesus!

  22. Beckie Harper says

    Thank you so much for those amazing words.. just what I needed.

  23. Sylvia Lindsay Lange says

    "Can you see how worrying is the opposite of trusting in God’s care for you?" I appreciated this reminder today as I am in the midst of one of the biggest struggles I've ever faced… and I know it is so true but sometimes lately, I have to say I just forget. I get great encouragement from watching people like you come out of white hot fires singed, sure… but not burned up in despair or defeat. Your vulnerable writing helps me bear up just that much more– and I thank you for it.

    • Debbie Alsdorf says

      Sylvia, I don't have to know what you are going through to pray for you. Praying today for grace to stand firm and live up above the circumstance! with love…

  24. Thank you for this important reminder that we have a big Abba Father who is bigger than any worry and is always at work in our lives 🙂

  25. I love the truth of God's word that you always share! Thank you for this today.

  26. Lana Varela says

    I needed this encouragement and reminder in my life tonight. Love this.

  27. Kimberly Errington Baham says

    I really needed to hear that truth, written in love. Need to print it out and carry with me for the constant reminder…thank you for sharing your heart!

  28. Jean Murphy says

    I also was blessed by your writing, Debbie. I am learning that my disobedience (stress and worry) is directly related to disbelief in some aspect of God's perfect truth. As you said so beautifully, we are to trust. We need to hear over and over that trust in the Lord is always is the first step in obedience. Put our eyes back onto Him and off our situations. I love that you are leading us into prayer and repentence as we trust the Lord.

  29. Thank you for sharing your heart and God's truth.
    Bless you

  30. Debbie
    Thank you for sharing your heart and living out God's word.
    May you be richly blessed.
    Debbie Anderson

  31. Patti Ruskofsky Esser says

    Sometimes the simpliest concepts are the most difficult to put into practice when tough times hit us. Thankful that God always brings us reminders right when we need them most. Thanks for being that reminder for me today!

  32. Lisa Hazelrigg Gray says

    What a great reminder. I like to pretend my sin is not sin, but it IS! Thanks for speaking the truth, and so thankful for God's grace!

  33. Brilliant. Timely. Release.

  34. Thank you — your post is so timely not just for me but also for a friend I prayed with today!

  35. Thank you — your post is so timely not just for me but also for a friend I prayed with today!

  36. Thank you — your post is so timely not just for me but also for a friend I prayed with today!

  37. Becky Miller says

    Thank you, Debbie. Today's words went straight to my heart… experiencing medical problems and migraine headaches that are sending me to my knees. As a cancer survivor this type of thing always touches off great worry and fear. Thanks for reminding me to trust God.

  38. Beautiful message! Today my mind is troubled for my grown son, Scott. He has lost his job and IM stressing about his well-​being! As any good mother should. I feel responsible because I wished him some kind of loss in his life because he continues to "smoke crack" with our household money. Well, I got what I asked for but now I'm down on money for the future…I pray he stays away from Satan's call…please, please, PLEASE! I pray he gets a new job and stays straight! Please hang around with me today so I'll not be alone with worry. Help me keep worrying away from me today especially! WWJD Karen xxoo.

  39. also, thank you lee for your post too! karenxxoo

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