Moving Forward

Moving forward as I settle back into being single, single, single. You know some folks are single, but not really, if you know what I mean . . . I consider lessons learned from my last relationship.

First, I do not believe that God prevents anything in our lives.

I believe when we listen to Him and respond to His Word and instruction that He protects us from everything — disappointment, pain, our own bad decisions, the unseen factors we may not see for quite some time to come, etc. God loves us so much that if we are truly surrendered to Him, He will always make available a way of escape from wrong situations and from the places that are not good for us that we might unwittingly venture into from time to time.

Second, every good man might not be God’s man for you.

I so want His good, acceptable, and perfect will for my life — don’t you? I have not waited this long to settle on any front when it comes to my life. Remember that God is determined to give you His best as well as what is best for you. Expect it and don’t embrace anything less.

Third, it is wise to wait to make major decisions in your life, especially after experiencing trauma, drama, or difficult times.

Your emotional pores are open and susceptible to ingesting things God might not have intended for you. Just because he rescues you doesn’t mean he is right for you. This is right up there with the verse in Proverbs that says “to the hungry soul, every bitter thing seems sweet” Wait until you are whole and seeing clearly before moving forward to avoid further heartache.

Fourth, God does use people in our lives for specific reasons to facilitate His larger agenda for your life.

Don’t take it personally when He removes them. Be willing to recognize the end of a season and move on. There is a time for dying and making room for sweeter fruit, allowing the master Gardener to prune you, anticipating the blessing to come.

Fifth, every disappointment is an opportunity for greater hope to be birthed if you trust that, in Christ, you never lose anything worth keeping.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. If something or someone is removed from your life, it is to make room for something greater.

Sixth, keep checking in with God and surrendering the thing you love most — even in the good season — and stay open to Gods’ voice and instruction.

Sometimes situations and people change. God knows ahead of time every turn we take and prepares our hearts for those unanticipated moments according to His design, so that in the end we can escape the sting of the pain the enemy of our hearts intended for our devastation. What the enemy meant for evil, God will ultimately use for His good to make you wiser, stronger, and hopefully sweeter!

Remember, relationships will come and go, all things will pass away, but it still ain’t over ’til we see Jesus, and trust me — that is when the ultimate love experience that will be everlasting will begin.

For Your Reflection:

How had God shown Himself through your past relationships?

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